Policies & FAQ

Last updated February 23, 2021


All sales are final. Please ensure your order is correct before checking out of our website. This includes items claimed during our Minky Blankets LIVE show. 

Only claim items during our Minky Blankets LIVE shows that you intend to pay for. Should you be unable to adhere to this policy, it will result in you being restricted from purchasing. 

Should you discover any flaws or workmanship issues with your item, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your item. 

 These Policies may be updated from time to time. By purchasing from Country Stitched, you have agreed to our Policies. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place a Custom Order?
If custom orders are open, you will place your order through our website. We require 4-6 Weeks for Production before your order ships.

How do I wash my Minky?

All of our minky items are to be washed with Cold Water on Delicate Cycle. DO NOT USE fabric softener (check that your detergent does not contain fabric softener). Once washed, Hang to Dry. Once dry, place in your dryer on Air Fluff NO HEAT for 5-10 minutes. 

I see a Minky Print that I like on your website and I want to know what will coordinate with it?
Please visit our Facebook Page where we have hundreds of photos of completed items. You may also find it helpful to watch our Minky Blankets LIVE shows on our Facebook Page to view items up close and see a variety of pairings of Prints / Luxe minky. 

I ordered an item through a Minky Blankets LIVE show / website. Can I get a picture of it?
We are unable to take photos of items on demand. Items claimed during our Minky Blankets LIVE show can be screen shot at anytime by replaying our video. 

When is your next Minky Blankets LIVE show?
We are LIVE almost daily! We post a weekly schedule on our Facebook Page every Monday. Please ensure you have our Facebook Page notifications turned on to get notified of all our posts and also turn on our LIVE video notifications. 

Can you get a specific print?
We are always adding new prints to our inventory however we cannot guarantee the print you are looking for will be available. You are welcome to request a specific print by emailing us at sales@countrystitched.com

I have seen a print on your Minky Blankets LIVE shows but I cannot find it on your website. How can I order it?
Many of our prints that are sold on our Minky Blankets LIVE shows are NOT available for custom order. They are called LIVE Show Exclusive Prints. These prints are only available in ready made items and can only be purchased during our Minky Blankets LIVE Shows on our Facebook Page

I have seen a LIVE Show Exclusive Print on your Minky Blankets LIVE shows and I want to know if you have more of it available? 
Our LIVE Show Exclusive Prints are put into our Minky Blankets LIVE shows as soon as they are available and will continue to be in production and made available until they are sold out. We make every effort to restock requested / popular prints if possible. We are unable to confirm how much of any particular print we have available.

What size of blanket is good for a crib?
The most popular size purchased for a crib is our Baby/Toddler size measuring approximately 28” x 40”.

What size bed do your blankets fit?
Our blankets are not made to fit specific bed sizes. Some blankets may fit certain bed sizes however this is not by design. Below you will find the standard measurements of the most common mattress sizes. You may use this as a reference when purchasing our blankets:
Crib  27” x 52”
Twin  39” x 75”
Twin XL  39” x 80”
Double/Full  54” x 75”
Queen  60” x 80”
King  76” x 80”
Cal King  72” x 84”

I claimed an item through a Minky Blankets LIVE show on Facebook. When will I receive it?

Items claimed during our Minky Blankets LIVE show will be ready to ship in 2-3 business days. Please see our Shipping information on shipping time. 

I placed an order and I used the wrong shipping address. How do I change the shipping address?
If the item has not already been packaged for shipping, we will likely be able to change the shipping address. Contact our Shipping department at shipping@countrystitched.com and be sure to include your order number and the new shipping address. 

I placed an order and I need to change the size / print / backing. How do I make this change? 
Once an order has been placed, the production process has begun therefore we are unable to make any changes to the details of your order. Please ensure you have double checked everything before placing your order. 

How do I know when my item has been shipped?
When you checkout through our website, you are required to enter an email address. A notification is sent to that email address when your item has shipped. You can also find a link to your tracking information through that email notification. 

My order has been shipped but I have not received it. What should I do?
Please check the tracking information for your item. This will be the same information we have access to as to the whereabouts of your item. The tracking information will be found through the shipment notification email sent to you. Please also see our Shipping information for more information. 

My order has been shipped and it says it was delivered but I do not have it. What should I do? 
There are times when shipping companies will mark items as delivered when the item has not been physically delivered. Typically the item will arrive a day or two later. If you still have not received your item, consider the following:

  • Check: Another member of your household may have received it / picked it up
  • Check: It may have been delivered to another door / location on your property
  • Check: It may be held at your local post office for pick up and a notice card was inadvertently not left for you
  • Check: It may have been delivered to a neighbour / alternate address

Once you have checked all of the above and still do not have your package, contact our Shipping department at shipping@countrystitched.com and be sure to include your order number. We respond Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm central time, excluding public holidays. 


For additional questions about Shipping, visit our Shipping Page HERE.

For additional general questions that have not been answered here, please contact us at sales@countrystitched.com. We respond Monday through Friday 9:30 am - 11:00pm central time, excluding public holidays.