Country Stitched Inc. uses handmade production techniques to manufacture high quality, luxurious minky products. Products are manufactured in small town Morris, Manitoba, Canada and shipped to customers around the world. What started as a home-based business has grown considerably in scope and size; now operating in a 15,000 sq ft production facility. Country Stitched was started in 2014 by Ashley Budge.

The Team

Ashley Budge - Owner
Melissa Wilson - Fabric Cutter
Olivia Hiebert - Fabric Cutter
Annabelle Salfi - Fabric Cutter
Amy Goebel - Fabric Cutter
Heather Rempel - LIVE Show Host
Sophia Bartel - Shipper
Kiersten Penner - Shipper
Colleen Penner - Shipping and Production Supervisor 
Susie Voth - Seamstress
Christine Waldner - Seamstress
Judy Klassen - Seamstress
Regena Waldner - Seamstress
Kyla Salfi - Seamstress
Oksana Storck - Seamstress
Chelsey Hiebert - Seamstress
Sjusen Storck - Seamstress
Alanna Friesen - Seamstress
Helen Neufeld - Seamstress
Donna Waldner - Seamstress
Michelle Waldner - Seamstress
Betty Bartel - Seamstress
Katharina Peters - Seamstress
Anna Fehr - Seamstress